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 LABELWET-200F - Automatic Single Side Flat Bottle Wet Glue Labelling Machine

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Fully Automatic, High Speed Labelling Machine Model LABELWET-200F in completely STAINLESS STEEL FINISH to meet current market requirement. LABELWET-200F is made for Labelling on Flat / Oval shaped Glass Bottles used by Distilleries, Beverage, Food, Breweries and other industries. Machine is superfast efficient and reliable for trouble free longer life for any high speed production line, mainly suitable for liquor industries.

Machine works at higher speed giving positive output of 200 Label per minute with Label Placement Accuracy of +/- 2 to 3 mm depending on Bottle Shape, Quality of Glue and Label position on bottles. The machine also has Completely Stainless Steel Finish, No Bottle No Label system, No Label No Gluing system and No Label No Coding System. Optionally A.C. Variable Speed Control, Pulse Counter, Safety Guard also available.

  • 20 to 30% Glue Saving on each Label due to Strip Gluing System
  • No Label - No Gluing System eliminating wastage of Glue
  • No Bottle - No Label System eliminating wastage of Labels
  • No Label - No Coding System eliminating wastage of Ink
  • Built in online Coding System for printing B.No. Etc. Using Rubber Stereos and
    suitable ink for Labels to be provided by customer only
  • Easy to Change Label Application height on Bottles
  • Synchronized speed of Label application with Gluing, Printing
    and Bottle Feeding
  • Fully Gear Drive System - No Chain Drive
  • Easy Change over system - No Setting of Master or Cam for timing
  • Least Change over time for Bottle and Label Change Parts
  • Suitable for any type of Grooved Surface of Product
  • Fully Stainless Steel finish Machine
  • Digital Counter
  • Safety Guard
  • A. C. Variable Frequency Drive System
  • Tower Light showing the machine status / operation
  • Special Sensing system for checking missing label on product suitable for Labels with UV Ink or UV Coating
  • Low Vaccum - Machine Stop System
Label Height : 20 mm to 90 mm Standard*
Label Length : 45 mm to 90 mm Standard*
Bottle Size : Actual Sample required
Glue : Cold Dextrine Base Glue or other glue which does not create any
fibres or threading during rotation, water soluble glue is required
Electrical : 415 VAC 3 Phase or 220 VAC 1 Phase Power Supply through
A.C. Variable Freqency Drive System(50/60 Hz)
Power : 3 H.P. With One Vacuum Pump 5 H.P. With Two Vacuum Pump
Speed : Up to 200 Labels per minute depending on Vial / Bottle and Label Size
Conveyor height : 830-875 mm*
Overall dimension : 2670 mm(L) X 900 mm(W) X 1400 mm (H)
Machine Direction of Movement : Left to Right from operator side
* Specification can be changed as per customers requirements
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