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Complete information about pharma machine - including labelling machine, washing and air jet cleaning pharma machine, injectable powder filling machines, dry syrup powder filling machines, liquid filling machines, capping machines, wet glue labelling machines, sticker self-adhesive labelling machines, complete tablet bottle packing lines, dry syrup powder filling lines, packaging machines and liquid filling lines etc, pharmaceutical machinery from Brothers Pharmamach (India) Pvt. Ltd.,  a world leader in manufacturing machinery for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food, ayurvedic and  herbal industry.
Achievements of Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India.
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 Case Study

Brothers also provides services to the customer to develope new products as per their requirement, following are few example of our development for the customers.
Achievements of Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India. 1. Considering the requirements & requests from the customers in Pharma Industry, having smaller production, who had been forced to use Costly Automatic Machine or to do Manual operation for their small batches with multiple products and thus indulging in heavy production costs, wse had developed India's First Semi Automatic (Wet Glue) Labelling Machine, BS-40 in the market which was capable to do labelling on round bottles with Wrap-Round or Overlap Labelling. The machine received very good response and over 50-100 were sold in just 2-3 years from introduction. The machine is still in demand and numbers of orders are flowing in even at this time. We have sold more than 800 machines in the market till date.
2. After market study, we foresightedly thought of introducing much wanted Sticker (Self-Adhesive) Labelling Machine. After lot of R&D and spade-work, we came out with Simple, Compact, User Friendly, Economical, Reliable and Efficient, our World Class Sticker Labelling Machine and which is very well appreciated by our Customers as they found it very interesting and simple to use compare to other machines available in the market. The machine was so simple that no especially skilled operators were required and it was very easy for any semi-skilled operator to understand it to operate the machine simply with just a few Buttons and a Speed Regulator. The machines have very less number of mechanical parts eliminating periodical servicing, clumsy cleaning, machine down time and most important lowest wastage factor. The machines have many inbuilt features: i.e. Automatic Label Length & Gap between Label Detection, Fully Synchronized Speed Control, Easy Label Placement Settings and many more.
Operator is just required to handle the machine with START, STOP and Speed Control Button and this features make it Plug & Play Sticker Labelling Machine.
Achievements of Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India.
Achievements of Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India. 3. Considering the market requirements and to provide locally available substitute to Imported Machines to our customers in Pharmaceutical and allied industries. The Leaflet Pasting machine was very much in demand for Tablet Bottle Packing Line. We at BROTHERS developed fully automatic Leaflet Pasting Machine for Pasting/Placing the Product Information Leaflets (Outserters) on Top or Side of Bottles, with online Hot-Melt Gluing System, featuring No Glue - No Leaflet, No Leaflet - Machine Stop, No Leaflet Product rejection systems and also Vision (Camera) System to check the presence/absence of Leaflet on Products as well as verification/Checking of Barcode on Leaflets.
4. We at BROTHERS took up the challenge of developing High Speed Infusion Bottle Packing Line for M/s. Unique Pharmaceuticals (Division of J B Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals) for their EOU unit at Panoli, Gujarat. They were required to employ much manpower in their packing lines for higher output, and still were unable to meet the High Production at the end. We finally developed fully automatic line from Pressure Leak Detection to Labelling Operation with a speed of 200-240 bottles per minute. The Line consists of Leak Testing, Visual Inspection, and Cap Application on Bottles as well as Sticker Labelling with coding. We are thankful to the mangement of Unique including Mr. Bharatbhai Shah, M.D., Mr. Kamlesh Udani, Director and Mr. A. D. Shelat, Project head for putting their trust on us to develop the line.
Achievements of Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India.
Achievements of Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India. 5. We, Brothers have also developed Automatic High Speed Vial Capping and Sticker Labelling Machine for M/s. Chiron Behring Vaccines Ltd., Ankleshwar, especially for their 2ml. Rabbies Vaccines Vials with speed of 400-450 Vials per minute speed. The project was very difficult since the Vials were very light in weight, unstable to handle in vertical position and most difficult the Cap diameter used to be more as compared to Vial body diameter, Vial Height almost 3 times than the Body Diameter. We had to therefore design & prepare new Capping Machine and also online Vial Feeding System to connect with the Rotary Vial Labelling Machine, the Vials for Labelling are feed directly into the Hopper for feeding to Vibratory System & then Labelled onto a specially prepared Rotary Labelling Machine with speed of 450 Vials per minute. We are proud that we had developed fully automatic high speed Rotary Vial Capping machine giving successful output of 400-450 vials per minute along with online Vial Feeding system connected with Rotary Labelling Machine with speed of 450 Vials per minute. We are thankful to Management of Chiron including Mr. G S Dhamdhere, M.D. and also packing and engineering department officers who helped us a lot to complete the project. We were most happy after completing the Job as per customers requirement.
6. We at BROTHERS are equally proud having developed and supplied India's First complete Liquid Vial Filling line with Isolator to M/s. Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., who had informed that there was not a single installation of Liquid Filling Line in India having such type of manufacturing facility for Anti-Cancer Products. The most demanding Project was completed and Installed in record time at their Matoda, Gujarat plant. We are indeed grateful to Mr. Nimish Chudgar, M.D. of INTAS for his guidance and trust that he put in BROTHERS for the Valuable important project which was a first of its kind in India.
Achievements of Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India.

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