Print and apply Labelling systems with Flexible application option PRINT & Apply Systems

BROTHERS Print and Apply System with Universal Label application for Cartons, Shippers, Bundles and Pallet Packing.

Labelstik-Uni Series Print & Apply system is a smart universal Label application system to print and apply Label on Bigger size of Label and End Packing cartons such as Shipper, Bundle etc. Print and Apply system available for Top Application of Label or with Side Application of Label Covering Front Panel or Front and Side Panel of Carton to apply Label in “L” Shape. System can be used for online or offline application with single label covering single side or “L” shape label application.

  • Category : PRINT & Apply Systems
  • Modal : PRINT & Apply Systems

Technical Specifications :

-Printing System : Thermal Transfer Printing Technology

-Label Height : 150mm Standard*

-Label Length : 300mm Standard*

-Print Resolution : 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) , 305 dpi (12dots/mm)

-Media Width : 177mm Max.

-Gap Between two Labels : appx. 3 mm or more

-Font Specification :

Internal Fonts:

-Bitmap :U,S, M,WB, WL, XS, XU, XM, XB, XL,OCR-A,OCR-B, Chinese(GB18030, BigS), Korean (KSX1001)

-Scalable :CG Times,CG Triumvirate™, SATO GAMMA, SATO VICA, Thai,Arabic

-Downloadable fonts support : Bitmap,True Type (1byte/2byte), Maximum 11.7MB

-Electrical : 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50/60 Hz)

-Power : 1.0 Hp, 2.0 Amp.

-Capacity : 0.75 Kw

Speed : Up to 20 Labels per minute depending on Product and Label Size

Specification can be changed as per customers requirements

Special/Optional*Features :

- Suitable for TOP or Side Application

- Side Application is optionally available to apply Side Label or Side Label in “L” shape covering two panel

- Machine construction in SS304 material

- Suitable to connect with Database server for downloading data to be print with help of software

- Heavy Duty Mounting system for Print Engine with Trouble Free long term operations.

- Suitable to Print Static Data as well as Variable data

- Suitable to use for Track and Trace application with help of required optional software.

- 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance available as optional.

Utility Required :

-Power : 2.0 Hp

-Electrical : 220 VAC 1 Phase Power Supply (50 Hz) or415VAC 3Phase

-Compressed Air : 5 - 6 Bar

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