Automatic Shrink Label Inserting with Shrink Tunnel SleevPACK-150

The Automatic Shrink Label Inserting Machine Model SleevPACK-150 with Option of Shrink Tunnel is suitable to Cut and Insert Shrink Label from Roll Form on Glass, Plastic, PET, Aluminium Bottles and Containers in FOOD,FMCG, Pesticides, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industries. The Machine incorporates latest sophisticated SERVO Control Sleeve Applicator. The Machine Construction in Heavy Duty S.S.304 Material but with Compact design.

This Flexible Sleeving Machine is suitable for decoration of wide range of Round Bottles and Containers. Special machine also available for special shape containers. Machine can give speed up to 150 Bottles per minute depending on Sleeve Cut Length, Shape of Bottle and Shrink percentage of Sleeve. Machine with Optional Pre-Fixing Hot Air Nozzle for Setting Sleeve Position at Top or Bottom of Bottles before entering in to Shrink Tunnel.

Sleeving Machine having Time Tested Rotating type SERVO Controlled Sleeve Cutting System for high Speed and accurate sleeve cutting. Machine is ideal to use on Round and other curve shape Bottle or Containers where Sticker Labelling is not possible to use.

  • Category : Shrink Sleeve Machines
  • Modal : SleevPACK-150

Technical Specifications :

- Sleeve Height : 50 mm to 150 mm Standard*

- Bottle Height : up to 225 mm

- Sleeve Roll Dia. : 400 mm

- Core Dia. : 75/76 mm

- Sleeve Thickness : 0.045mm to 0.08mm

- Product Diameter : User can choose any one option

- 25 to 50mm / 45 to 90mm or 90 to 125mm*

- Electrical : 415 VAC 3 Phase Power Supply (50/60 Hz)

- Power : 2.5 Kw for Machine and 15 Kw for Shrink Tunnel

- Speed : Up to 150 Products per minute depending on Product Diameter,Product Height and Sleeve Cutting Length.

- Conveyor height : 900 to 950 mm*

- Overall dimension : 2440 mm(L) X 1000 mm(W) X 1900 mm (H)

- Machine with Shrink Tunnel : 4880 mm(L) X 1000 mm(W) X 1900 mm (H)

- Machine Direction of Movement : Left to Right from operator side

Specification can be changed as per customers requirements

Special/Optional*Features :

- Tower Light showing the machine status / operation

- checking Presence / Absence of Sleeve on Bottle

- Infeed Jam detection system

- Outfeed Jam detection system

- 21CFR Part 11 Compliance

Built-in-Unique Features :

- Colour Touch Screen Operation Panel with PLC Control

- Virtually Maintenance Free Machine

- Synchronized speed of Sleeve Dispensing, Conveyor and SleevePositioning Device.

- Easy to change Sleeve application height

- Heavy Duty S.S. 304 Material Machine Frame Structure

- S.S.304 Material heavy duty Safety Cabinet with Toughened Glass

- Built In A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System.

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