Turn Table

Turn Table for transfer or movement of various type of Vials, Bottles, Jars on any Powder Filling, Liquid Filling or Tablet Bottle Packing Lines. Turn Table can be used with any machine for collection or feeding of products and also used to change the total line direction for “L” shape or “U” shape movement of line or for Linear movement of line. If any machine stops during the online operation, Turn Table can works as a buffer system. Turn Table is available in various diameter as per detail mentioned below of 600, 750, 900 or 1200 mm as per customers requirement.

Most commonly used size of Turn Table us 900mm Diameter. Turn Table frame is made from S.S. 304 Frame Structure duly supported with heavy duty M.S. “C” profile structure for extra Support for Top Plate and Gear Box. Machine with S.S.304 Enclosures, Aluminimum Top Plate having Stainless Steel Cladding. Turn Table with A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System for smoother Start and Stop operation for unstable products as well as speed control. Turn Table can also be made from Fully Stainless Steel Top Plate on request.

Other Available Models

TT-24 : 600mm Diameter
TT-30 : 750mm Diameter
TT-36 : 900mm Diameter
TT-48 : 1200mm Diameter
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