Non-Contact Coder - CIJ Contineous Inkjet Printer

We can offer Industrial Inkjet Printer known as Continues Inkjet Printer or CIJ printer which can be suitable to print on Various Label Surface. We haveoption of various brands locally available such as Domino, Imaje, Videojet, Hitachi and many more. Technology and Cost of Inkjet printer and consumableis varying from brand to brand and selection of same is also important other then technical suitability. Most of Inkjet coder offers Printing of 4 Lines only,however few model/brands also offers 5 lines or upto 8 lines coding. This type of Inkjet printer is suitable for printing on moving objects only such as Labelsin Roll form and the Speed of Printer is totally depending on Available Printing Width, Size of Message including number of lines and character per lines.Single line message can reach upto 300 prints per minute on labelling machine, more lines per message reduce the speed of Inkjet Coding. Inkjet Printeris only suitable for printing Lengthwise message and it can not print Vertical message (Tower printing), however few brands/model can print Vertical/Towerprinting with too many limitations compare to normal horizontal coding. Inkjet printer does not have any limitation of Printing on Various surface and it canprint on almost all type of Label surface having varnish, Coating, Lamination as well as Film Labels. It is also suitable to print directly on Container such asTin or Plastic/PET Bottles, Caps etc. This printer is most versatile printer in terms of Printing Surface and Speed. However, due to Dot Matrix type ofprinting not suitable to use for Printing Barcode / 2D Matrix code, which require to scan/detect using various scanners.

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