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We can offer Hot Foil Coder which can be suitable to print on Various Label Surface. We have option of Local make Hot Foil Coder which can give speedupto 200 Prints per minute and also Imported Hot Foil Coder, which can give speed of 300, 400 or 600 Prints per minute depending on Model. Please notethat Hot Foil Coder uses Metal Character as well as Foil Roll for printing on Labels and selection of Foil Roll is depending on surface of Labels. It can bealso suitable to print on Laminated or Film Labels with suitable Film Roll. Hot Foil Coder always use Metal Character hence the print area is totallydepending on make of Hot Foil Coder as well as Size of Metal Character. Due to Metal Character the space between lines and space between characteris always fixed according to the style and design of Coding System / Character supplier hence it is very important to study the Hot Foil Coder to match therequirement of coding on labels. Some time coder may suit your requirement in terms of printing Surface and Speed but may not match the available areaon label for coding. Hot Foil coder in general use more space per character and per line. Hot Foil Coder is more suitable where the Print Area is bigger butthe size of message to be print is smaller or with less character and less lines but for high speed printing. You can go for Local make or Imported Hot Foilcoder depending on various aspect mentioned above as well as speed.

Note: Detail and Photographs of various coding system mentioned above are Registered Trademark of respective owners.Purpose of Technical detail and Photographs mentioned above is to give general idea of various coding system to customerand it may vary or change time to time depending on different Brands or due to continues up-gradation by respective owners.

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