Contact Coder - Thermal Transfer Coder

We can offer Thermal Transfer Coder which can be suitable to print on Various Label Surface. We have option of Low Speed Coder having MaximumPrint Area of 30 x 30 mm and High Speed Coder having Maximum Print area of 50 x 70mm, Low Speed coder can give maximum speed of 100 Labels perminute and High Speed coder can give maximum speed of 200 Labels per minute for the smallest print area. The Hot Foil Coder is very speed sensitiveand the speed of coder is directly connected with Print Width, Lower print area give higher speed and higher print area can give lower speed. Secondly,coder use Normal Ribbon as well as Resin base Ribbon and in some case it is possible to remove or smudge the coding which is printed by using NormalRibbon and to avoid this type of issue user may require to go for Resin base Ribbon which also further reduce the overall speed of coding. The speed ofcoder for Resin base Ribbon is again lower compare to Normal Ribbon for Same printing area. Thermal Transfer coder require Ribbon Roll as aconsumable and also required Compressed Air. The Print Quality of Thermal Coder is Best among all Contact as well as Inkjet Coder and it can give youbest quality coding option for your Labels.

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