Contact Coder Using Rubber Stereo

We can offer Contact coding system suitable to print on any Label Surface with Maximum speed of 100 to 120 Labels per minute depending on Length ofLabels. The coding system is very versatile and very easy to use on any labels. It can print on any labels with UV Coating, Varnish, Film or Laminationwithout smudging. Printer use Rubber Stereo having maximum print area of 20x20 mm. Consumer require to buy Ink and Solvent as a consumables aswell as need to provide Rubber Stereo as per coding requirement. The number of lines of printing is depending on size of character, if you select biggercharacter it can print 3 – 4 lines and if you select smaller character then you can print 4 to 8 lines on labels. Due to pneumatic operation you have to provideCompressed Filtered Air for the coding system. Refer attached photographs for your ready reference. The quality of printing is excellent and we suggest togo for this coding system if your line speed is between 100 -120 per minute and print area within 20 x 22 mm only.

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  • Modal : Contact coder using Rubber Stereo