Automatic Viscose Liquid Filling Machine VISCOFILL-150

Automatic Eight Head Volumetric Viscose Liquid / Paste Filling Machine Model VISCOFILL-150 is suitable for Round or Flat shape Bottles or Jars with maximum speed of 150 Products per minute. Machine design specially suitable for Viscose Liquid or Gel/Paste which also require to Fill HOT with Temperature of appx. 40 to 50 degree celsius.

The Machine can give speed of 80 to 150 Products per minute depending on nature of Liquids, Neck Diameter of product and Fill Volume. Machine suitable for Normal as well as Hot type of Liquid/Paste/Gel or Cream.

Machine construction in Stainless Steel finish with Single Head Operation. All parts coming in contact with Liquids are made from S.S.316 Material.

  • Category : Liquid Filling Machines
  • Modal : VISCOFILL 150

Technical Specifications :

-Fill Range : Machine different version available with10g. to 50g* or 20g. to 100g. with the help of Change Parts / Syringes

-Cylinder / Syringe Range: 10g. to 50g., 20g. to 100g. and 10g. to 100g.

-Accuracy : +/- 1% for Normal Product like Balm or Petroleum Jelly and 2% for below 20g. Filling in Syringe range of 10g. to 100g.

-Conveyor Height : 815-850 mm

-Overall Dimensions : 2400 mm (L) x 1050 mm (W) x 1800mm (H)

-Speed : Max. 150 Bottles per minute depending on Bottle Size and Fill Volume/Weight.

-Require Filtered Compressed Air to be provided by customer only.

Utility Requirement :

-Filtered Compressed Air : 4 to 5 Bar Air Pressure

-Electrical : 415 VAC Three Phase Power Supply (50 Hz)

-Power : 2.0 Hp

Specification can be changed as per customers requirements

Special/Optional*Features :

-No Product - No Fill System

- All contact parts are made of SS 316 material with easy removal system for Auto-Claving/Sterilization/cleaning

- Machine construction in SS 304 material

- Very High Fill Accuracy

- Minimum Change Over time

- Built-in A.C. Variable Freq. Drive System

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