Automatic Six Head Air Jet Cleaning Machine AIRWASH-150

The Automatic Six Head Air Jet Cleaning Machine Model AIRWASH- 150 comes with speed of Max. 150 bottles per minute.

The Air Jet Cleaning Machine applies Compressed Air through Jets and also sucks through Vacuum. Machine can be used to clean Glass/Plastic/PET Bottles, Jars etc. Machine is suitable for cleaning of Bottles used for non-sterile products like Dry Syrups Filling Line, Bulk Packing of Tablets and Capsule lines.

Machine with built-in Turn Table which feeds container in vertical position through conveyor to cleaning station uniformly, where cleaning heads grip the container through cup holder and starts the Compressed Air and then Vacuum to clean the bottles.

Machine in Stainless Steel Finish with all contact parts in SS316 and Nylon Materials. Machine also having overload clutch system to prevent jamming during the operation. The manifold comprises of inner nozzles which jets compressed air in the bottle and on outer socket, which cover the mouth of the bottle and is connected to Vacuum Line / Suction Blower, which ensures perfect cleaning.

  • Category : Washing And Air Jet Cleaning Machines
  • Modal : AIRWASH-150

Technical Specifications :

Product Diameter : Upto 90 mm*

Product Height : 150 mm*

Air Consumption : 100 CFM

Vacuum Pump/Line : 300 Ltr. Capacity to be provided by customer

Speed : Upto 150 per minute depending on bottle size

Conveyor Height : 875 to 950 mm Adjustable

Overall Dimensions : 1800 mm (L) x 780 mm (W) x 1300 mm (H)

* Specification can be changed as per customers requirements

Special/Optional Features :

- No Container - No Air - No Vacuum System

- Six Air Jet Nozzle with Vacuum Mouth Holder for Cleaning

- Fully Stainless Steel Finish

- Simple Change over for different size - Only Mouth Holder required

- Complete operation in Vertical position

- Overload Clutch for Jamming

- Optional A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System

- Automatic In-feed and Out-feed of containers

- Intermittent Linear Motion of Machine

Utility Requirement

Compressed Air : Required 6 to 10 Bar

Vaccum Pump / Line : 1no. 300 Ltr. Capacity

Power : 2.0 Hp

Electrical : 415VAC 3 Phase Power Supply (50 Hz) and 220 VAC 1 Phase Power Supply

Product Name

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